Dead Cyborg - Episode 1 download page

Here you can download the Dead Cyborg Episode 1.
(Windows, Linux, Mac versions.)

Some informations and "how to" you must read.
More info about gameplay and technical topics, see "Forums and FAQ" page!
About viruses: the file is checked by common antivirus programs, but you can check it after download of course.

v002 (mouse control + QWERTY + AZERTY): Click here
The installation is simple: just unpack the zip file and run "start_game.bat".

v002 (mouse control + QWERTY + AZERTY): Click here
Important: in the pack there is a "readme.linux" file you must read!
And big thanks for mendax688 for the Linux version and support!!!

v002 (test version, mouse control + QWERTY + AZERTY): Click here

Copyright 2011 Endre Barath - this is a free to play game, but not free to distribute.
The one and only download site of this game is

Don't forget: this is a donation based game, please donate!

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