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Magyar (Hungarian)

Tester reviews.
Forewords of Endi, creator of the game:
These are very positive reviews, but I must say, my game is definitely a small game. I hope everybody will enjoy this unique game, especially the story - but please do not compare with big games.

"Serious and funny, entertaining and thought provoking at the same time, this game successfully invokes the atmosphere of a devastated world where moral issues and philosophical questions become the cornerstones of existence. You won't find intergalactic superheroes here whose only concern is the size of their laser guns, but if you're interested in the more intricate workings of the human soul, this is definitely a must play." (Andras, tester, english translator)

"Dead Cyborg is much more than the sum of its parts. It has a unique atmosphere that keeps you playing. It goes back to the times when gaming wasn't so casual activity. It gives you the freedom to explore the gameworld and solve the many puzzles. Although the biggest puzzle is the story itself." (Christian, tester)

"DC has a very unique storyline and atmosphere. It combines philosophy and logic in a very interesting way." (Adam, tester)

I really liked how the mood of the old classic games is mixed with the contemporary graphics. Exceptional atmosphere in an exceptional world. (Gabor, tester).

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